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Advancement of technology has enabled us to combat pollution in multiple ways. Now we have greener and cleaner alternatives for the well-being of our environment and health.

Mahindra brings you eSupro, a stylish & spacious van which is a whole new concept in cargo transportation and people movement. It is an advanced electric van that brings emissions down to zero, absolute zero. The eSupro van with zero emission has many advantages. Take a quick glance and you'll see for yourself.

eSupro comes in 2 variants that is first of its kind in India: A spacious and secure cargo van and a stylish comfortable 8-seater passenger van.

Benefits of eSupro Range

  • Zero On Emissions

    The eSupro van is a battery powered electric van, which makes it emission free and eco-friendly.

  • Direct Drive Transmission

    Direct drive transmission with a single speed gearbox and sophisticated speed management of the motor allows you to cruise through traffic effortlessly without shifting gears.

  • Home Charging

    Charging the eSupro is as simple as charging your mobile phone. Just plug it into a 15 amp plug point and get a   0-100% charge in just 8 hours 30 mins*.

  • Electric Drive Motor

    Exceptional power of 25kW & 90 Nm torque makes your drive smooth with a top speed of 60kms/hr. The cargo van and passenger van have a range of 115* and 112* kms respectively

  • Regenerative Braking

    This revolutionary technology charges eSupro’s battery every time its brakes are applied, helping the van literally recover the energy it dispenses.

  • Unique Instrument Cluster

    Stylish instrument cluster provides important information such as: State of Charge (Battery %), Distance to Empty (DTE), Speed, Gear Engaged, Total Running and E-gen efficiency.

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

    The eSupro comes with a 72V battery pack of long-life, maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries.

  • Boost Mode

    Provide the eSupro with additional power to handle steep inclines with ease.

  • Revive®

    Emergency feature gives 7 kms of extra range once you are out of charge to reach the nearest charging point.

eSupro Cargo Van

India’s first electric closed body van, built for the modern city. It is a future-ready battery powered cargo van with direct drive transmission. Ideal for e-commerce, courier services and transportation of high value goods safely in a closed body construction.

Big Payloads

The eSupro has a payload capacity of up to 600 kg, which helps in carrying large quantities at one go. Coupled with low running-cost and zero-emission advantage of electric motor, the eSupro is truly practical and eco-friendly.

Spacious and Flexible

The loading bay design and dimensions (6ft (L) x 4ft (w)) the eSupro has a loading volume of 2330 litres making it the most spacious cargo van in India. The intelligent loading bay design makes the eSupro ideal for carrying a variety of loads in all shapes and sizes.

eSupro Van

India’s first 8-seater electric van

The battery powered electric van is emission-free and eco-friendly. It has ample of space for 8 passengers to travel comfortably along with their luggage. In addition, the well cushioned seats and the low noise levels make every drive a smooth one. It is ideal for corporate parks, residential campuses, travelling in and around heritage sites, luxury hotels and wherever environmental well – being is essential.

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